In emergency situations where unintended or avoidable delays may mean the difference between life and death, a KnoxBox™ significantly improves firefighters’ ability to administer life-saving assistance.

The steel box – installed near a property’s front entrance or gate – holds keys and/or access cards that allow emergency responders to quickly enter a home or commercial property and administer immediate assistance without resorting to “forced entry” tactics.

Currently, 637 residential and commercial properties within BCFPD jurisdiction are KnoxBox-equipped.

“Patients in distress may be incapacitated, and a locked or otherwise secured property represents a time-consuming challenge that firefighters must overcome,” explained BCFPD Fire Prevention Director Rob Martel.  “Quite simply, KnoxBoxes help emergency crews deliver life-saving assistance more quickly.”

Reducing response times by even a few minutes significantly improves the BCFPD’s ability to provide emergency assistance.  Studies indicate that the survival rate for patients requiring emergency medical care decreases significantly if treatment is not administered within six to eight minutes.

5 Reasons to Install a KnoxBox™

  1. Rapid Access – Eliminate barriers and help emergency responders quickly gain access to secured properties in situations where rapid response is a critical factor in successful outcomes.
  2. Protection – Quick access by first responders also helps reduce the risk of extensive property damage.
  3. Cost – Avoid the need for costly repairs that may result in forced entry situations.
  4. Low Maintenance – KnoxBoxes are designed/built to withstand extreme weather conditions, tampering, and attempted vandalism.
  5. Security – Only the Fire Department has the authority to access a property’s KnoxBox.

Property owners who are interested in learning more about the KnoxBox system may contact Rob Martel, Director of Fire Prevention, at 224-848-4860 or

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