Property Includes Existing Structure to House Firefighters & Equipment

The Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District has purchased a one-acre parcel of property in unincorporated Barrington that will be the site of the department’s new fire station. The parcel was specifically chosen for its ability to allow the District to better serve its residents  in unincorporated Barrington township, Inverness and South Barrington areas of the District, as well as further enhance mutual and auto aid agreements with neighboring fire services.

The property, located at 36 E. Dundee Road, is situated directly between the Early Learning Center and District 220 Prairie Campus Middle School. It achieves a priority goal of the Board of Trustees to improve delivery of emergency services to area residents.  The site is one of several locations considered by BCFPD officials over the past three years.

The parcel includes a 1,462 square-foot house that will be known officially as Station 3.  The Department plans to make minor facility upgrades as the station becomes operational.

“Station 3’s geographic location will greatly enhance our service levels, especially in the southeastern portions of the District,” Fire Chief James Kreher explained.  “In particular, we expect to see much-improved response times for residents of Inverness, South Barrington, and unincorporated Barrington who reside within our service area.”

Station 3 will also enable the BCFPD to provide more effective support to neighboring fire departments.

“The new station’s expanded coverage area offers a tremendous opportunity to strengthen our auto-aid agreements with the village of Barrington and Palatine Rural Fire Protection District, and improve service at the regional level,” Chief Kreher added.

District officials negotiated a purchase price of $500,000 for the property, a fraction of the estimated $2 million the Board had originally budgeted to build a completely new fire station.  The department closed on the property December 14th.

“The Board of Trustees’ investment in our new Station 3 continues a long-standing commitment to deliver excellent services while simultaneously making the best use of taxpayer-funded resources,” said BCFPD President Keith Hanson.  “The site’s ideal location, existing facilities, and comparable cost represents an outstanding value for our residents.”

The property currently holds a residential zoning classification.  District officials are working with Cook County to secure a special use permit that will allow the fire department provide lifesaving fire suppression and emergency medical services from the new site.

BCFPD firefighters and paramedics will continue operating from Fire Stations 1 and 2, in Lake Barrington and Barrington Hills, respectively.  The Department will be able to fully-staff all three stations with existing personnel and equipment levels.

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