Automated chest compression units now carried by BCFPD firefighter/paramedics help the Department provide more effective emergency medical care, and greatly improve odds of survival for patients suffering sudden cardiac arrest, Assistant Fire Chief Scott Motisi reports.

The Department’s procurement of the LUCAS™ Chest Compression System, which entered BCFPD service in early February, ensures delivery of high-quality chest compressions that circulate oxygenated blood to the patient’s brain and heart – essential for survival.

The system has already produced results: Assistant Chief Motisi announced the first successful deployment of the LUCAS system at the BCFPD’s February Board meeting. 

Each unit features a mechanical compressor that is fitted over the patient’s chest, then connected to a back plate with claw locks and stabilization straps. 

Once secured, the system can provide continuous chest compressions – even while patients are being moved – that ensure consistent, sustained patient blood flow throughout the course of treatment.  This frees highly-trained firefighter/paramedics to focus other aspects of the treatment regimen and improve overall quality of care.

“LUCAS units are compact, easily portable, and can be applied to distressed patients in less than 20 seconds,” Assistant Chief Motisi explained. 

“They represent our ongoing commitment to apply technologically-advanced equipment that improves delivery of high-quality services that save lives.”

All BCFPD crews completed extensive training on the LUCAS system before it entered service.  Units are carried on each of the Department’s frontline ambulances.

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