shooter2The BCFPD maintains a rigorous training regimen that helps firefighters act decisively to protect residents in virtually any situation.

These training programs are continually evolving in response to potential threats.  That’s why Department personnel recently found themselves at the center of a regional “active shooter” training exercise at Barrington’s Roslyn Road Elementary School.

Multiple police and fire/rescue organizations throughout the northwest suburbs also participated in the intensive, day-long training session.

The exercise equipped BCFPD firefighters with hands-on training within the context of a multi-departmental response to an active shooter incident.  Crews focused specifically on triage coordination and implementation, rescue task force operations, and victim evacuation.

Roslyn Road faculty members also participated in the drill – with several serving as “victims” – to enhance the training program’s sense of realism.

“Although active shooter situations are extremely rare, it is essential that we prepare for worst-case scenarios,” explained Assistant Fire Chief/TShooter1raining Coordinator Scott Motisi.   “This regional training module offered our firefighters valuable experience working with neighboring law enforcement and fire departments, and practicing effective responses to these types of high-risk situations.”

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) statistics show an alarming increase in the frequency of active shooter events over the past 15 years.  The average number of incidents occurring over a two-year timespan has jumped from fewer than four in 2000-2001, to 33 such incidents in 2015-2016.

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